Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pop Coochie | Opens June 3

Maybe I’m just saying we’re all corrupted in a way; life itself is corrupted, and that’s the way we like it.

- Maurizio Cattelan

Sean Joseph Patrick Carney
Alicia Love McDaid
Matthew Green
Ralph Pugay
Patrick Rock
Jason Traeger and Liam Drain

This will be the final exhibition Igloo will present, we will be closing our doors at the end of June in good spirits.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

If It Ain't Broke | Open Engagement | May 15-17

If It Ain’t Broke

John Preus and Sara Black
Open Engagement: Making Things, Making Things Better, Making Things Worse
May 15 and 17th, 2010

If It Ain't Broke solicits the participation of four individuals, couples, groups or families who own a broken thing and who might like to see it 'repaired.' On Saturday, May 15th at the Igloo Gallery, the artists will host one-and-a-half hour 'consultations' regarding your thing, discussing its condition and imagining possible repairs. Repairs will be taking place on-site on Monday, May 17th. You are welcome to participate or observe but are not required to attend the repair session. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at:

Monday, May 3, 2010

IGLOO Art raffle on MAY 6!

Come test your luck and raffle for individual artists' works, and drink free while you play! RAAAADDD!!!

Artists include:

Jenene Nagy
May Juliette Barruel
Vanessa Calvert
Salvatore Reda
Craig Wheat
Ashley Sloan
Calvin Ross Carl
Sydney S. Kim
Chris Lael Larson
Ryan Burghard
Avantika Bawa
Ralph Pugay
Zack Davis
Maggie Casey
Josh Pavlacky
Ben Young
Travis Fitzgerald
Miles Sprietsma
Nathanael Thayer Moss
Chelsea Linehan
Lori Gilbert
Mack McFarland
Kevin Nagler
Kathleen Brown
Christine Taylor

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

E X P O Opens April 1

Lisa Radon Reviews Colin Matthes's EXPO on Ultra

Reception: Thursday, March 4, 6-10pm
Open by appointment.

For his first solo exhibition in the Northwest, Midwest artist Colin Matthes will participate in a short-term residency at Igloo gallery, culminating in a site-specific installation. Colin will be scavenging scrap wood and found objects, combining them with high tech gizmos and survival gear to create a lighthearted, yet poignant installation referencing stage sets, flea markets, unrealized innovations, and trade work. The installation will focus on creating an environment that invites the viewer to imagine small victories in hostile locations while encouraging reflection of how our own lifestyles contribute to creating these dynamics.

Colin Matthes, based in Milwaukee, WI, works across a range of media including drawing, sculpture, installation, public art, print, and self-publishes the zine Ideas in Pictures. His artwork has been exhibited in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Denmark, Spain, and Austria. Since 2004 he has been an Adjunct Instructor at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI. He has previously shown in Portland with the social art group Justseeds Artist Collborative at PSU, Sea Change Gallery, City Club of Portland, and more. In 2010 Matthes will have solo exhibitions at Igloo Gallery, Portland, OR and Ripon College, Ripon, WI and two-person exhibits at 58 Gallery, Jersey City, NJ (with Nicolas Lampert), The New Art Center, Newton, MA, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, and Walkers Point Center for the Arts (with Anthony Smith Jr).

Please direct questions to Christine Taylor, or 646-763-4905
625 NW Everett #102
Portland OR 97201

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WRECKING CRÜE | Opens March 4

Reception: Thursday, March 4, 6-10pm
Open First Saturday 1-5, and appointment

In terms of genre, this gathering of artists presents ideas at once related under the umbrella of constructed space, yet provide a variety of challenging perspectives. These artists conspire in a loose category of structural invention, whether found at the foot of a modernist monolith, or in an impossible world flirting with utopian sketchbooks. Wrecking Crüe owes no allegiance to systems or practicality, working in an interstitial state of half-made/half-undone. What these works can do is give our current visual processing a crash course in alternative spatial understanding while questioning how creation takes form in spatial contexts.

The works generate ideas that mash-up relationships: hammers and hypershapes, blueprints and Outer Space, insulation and simulation, rendering philosophical material from impulsive architecture. The works vary from subtle to jarring manipulations of space and the objects contained within, breaking our reliance on architecture as a visual support structure for our environment. They propose the built environment as a playground that keeps building, and rebuilding, itself to explore some unknown, perpetual concourse.


Jordan Tull is an established freelance metal fabricator and industrial designer known for his strict geometric installations and physically sophisticated sculpture. His works challenge the understanding of unseen forces that govern visuality, seeking to agitate the structural clarity of objects in space.

Josh Smith is a sculptor and furniture maker in Portland OR. His work explores notions of utopian space in relation to modernist philosophies. His work reinvestigates modernist principles using the language of the architectural model and the illustrated proposal, presenting latent potential of the Idea in flux.

Salvatore Reda
lives and works in Portland, OR. His artwork delves into architecture as fantasy, researching the location of the familiar in a synthetic, abstract sense. Detail, beauty and lyrical abstraction are preoccupations of his work. His paintings and video works have been exhibited at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Adamski Gallery of Contemporary Art, Aachen, and Basel Switzerland.

Joshua Pavlacky is a Portland native and a founder and gallery coordinator of Appendix Project Space, an experimental installation site in NE Portland. Inspired by Landscape Urbanism and Infrastructure, his work explores the landscape as a conceptual, perceptual and physical infrastructure capable of seeding the development of urban and ecological systems that are better suited to the ethical and practical concerns of the 21st century.

Jeff Jahn is a Portland based curator, critic, installation artist and photographer particularly interested in the conceptual loading and kinesthetic potential of man made spaces.

Friday, January 1, 2010

FLOATER Opens January 29

"Floater" is a two-person exhibition showing large snap shot portraits by northwest photographer Kelly O and the documentary film ‘Super Noble Brothers’ by Los Angeles/Milwaukee based filmmaker Mark Escribano. Kelly O’s vivid portraits capture scenesters in a variety of compromising, naughty and unapologetic moments. Escribano’s film follows the lives of three brothers, small-time celebrities based in Milwaukee and L.A. who are deeply invested in rare record collecting and art making. Both of these artists document an energetic subculture that live a life of careless freedom.

Kelly O is a photographer and the originator of the infamous ‘Drunk of the Week’, published in Seattle’s weekly newspaper ‘The Stranger,’ where she has worked as assistant art director and most recently with photography and multimedia. Her saturated portraits depict city scenesters in compromising moments that some may regret and others will joke about for a lifetime. Her work has been published in SPIN, VICE, Mojo, Kerrang!, and FADER.

Mark Escribano is a Los Angeles based filmmaker. He is a professional photographer and cinematographer for independent films such as ‘Modus Operandi’ and William Shatner's ‘Gonzo Ballet.’ Mark is a recipient of the Peck School of the Arts Mary Nohl Fellowship. His work has been shown at the Dislocation Film Festival in the UK, The Pompidou Museum and both the Milwaukee and Cleveland International Film Festivals. He is also a member of part of 'The White Box Painters' performance troupe. ‘Super Noble Brothers’ will screen this month in Los Angeles as a part of LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions).


Opening: Thursday, February 4, 6-10 pm.

Artist’s Reception: Friday, January 29, 6-10 pm.

Artist Kelly O will be in attendance along with music by DJ Porq.

Open First Saturday 1-5.
Exhibit is open for viewing by appointment through 02/20.