Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Art Auction Party on Thursday July 31

GIMME BABY ROBOTS, a large artist cooperative from Madison, WI, is hosting a one-night event featuring a silent auction of small works by tons of artists nationwide, at IGLOO. One stop of many including Memphis, Chicago, LA, SF, and now Portland.
Works start at prices as low as one dollar. A great opportunity to purchase original artwork from good artists for a low price. Not to mention it is a great place to have fun, drink beer on the cheap, and meet awesome people.

Where: Portland, OR at IGLOO on Thursday, July 31st.

Bidding starts @ 8:00 pm and concludes @ 11:00pm.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We Are All Wrong and It's Alright

Gordon Barnes and Mandee Schroer share Igloo this month, two artists united by approach and sensibility but divided by materials. Both Barnes and Schroer enjoy taking the floating scraps of ideas and materials around them and playing matchmaker with them, sometimes with harmonious intent and others with sadistic curiosity. However, Schroer's material interests tend to center around more tactile and physical qualities whereas Barnes prioritizes materials primarily in terms of conceptual potency or perceived symbolism. In terms of tone, Schroer's work often evokes both a quietly playful sense of wonder at finding oneself in open spaces and an unnerving sense of loneliness bordering on ominous. Barnes' work feels more like a dusty old library with the TV and stereo blasting in the midst of a party that only he is at.

Christopher Ross

Christopher's paintings are amazing, and it seems everyone thinks so. Lucky for painting that Chris is around. Looking forward to seeing his work get recognized in Portland on a larger scale.