Sunday, November 29, 2009

ART ATTACK from Project Grow | Opens Dec. 3

The exhibition will present a selection of works from the Project Grow studio and a screening of “Project Grow Goes to France,” accompanied by short videos.

The artists at Project Grow create a wide range of artwork including works on paper, painting, puppets, collage, zines, text work, and video. In addition, the artists are collaborating on international projects with musician Jim Fairchild during the tour of his band All Smiles (founding member of Grandaddy) and the people of Paris through a distance residency at Betonsalon, Paris, in collaboration with Laurel Kurtz, Natasha Wheat, and Sandy Sampson.

Thursday, December 3, 6-10pm

Friday, December 18, 6-8pm
North American premier of “Come As You Are Viens Tel Que Tu Es”, a bilingual document of the distance residency at Betonsalon. Paris.

Project Grow is a social program within the Port City Developmental Center dedicated to the development and promotion of artists with developmental disabilities. Established in 2008, Project Grow consists of an open studio practice, an urban garden supplying CSAS (community supported agriculture subscriptions), and a social outreach agenda.

As an innovative and progressive program, Project Grow continues to lead a dynamic existence including the creation of the North Portland Farm. Project Grow is developing satellite locations in order to accommodate demand and offer fair wage employment to more farmers. The artists who participate and coordinate the programs offered by Project Grow continue to develop unique ways to further successful collaborations between Project Grow and the community at large.

Monday, November 2, 2009


May Juliette Barruel's textile-based work and photography address themes of nostalgia, obsession, and loss in an intimate and often voyeuristic fashion. For this exhibition, Barruel investigates a variety of materials in order to reify her experience, and here her voice finds resonance in printed words and embroidered textiles.

Conceptual tapestries and text works accompany Barruel's photographs to create "And Now We Do What We Do", a reflection on a half-life of dating, falling, hoping, pining, loving, and obsessing with its fair share of drunken haircuts, romantic inspirations, ridiculously embarrassing behaviors, and hundreds of hours spent wallowing while listening to songs by Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, and Bill Callahan. The work is both catharsis and hypothesis, a searching for the existence of truth and love in an endlessly fragmented and often lost contemporary youth culture.

A native of Grenoble, France, May Juliette Barruel lives and works in Portland, OR. She holds a Master of Arts degree in American Literature from l'Université de Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle and a professional certificate from New England School of Photography in Boston, Massachusetts. She has shown work in many cities including Portland, Los Angeles, and Lawrence, KS, and frequently posts images on her blog, à la claire fontaine. Barruel is the curator for Stumptown's downtown gallery and is owner and curator of Nationale, a shop and gallery on Portland's east side.

Public reception: Thursday, November 5th, 6pm-10pm
On view Saturday, November 7th, 12pm-5pm, and by appointment.

Monday, September 28, 2009

SIGNAL FIRE Residents 2009 | Opens October 1

Signal Fire announces "The Soft Shovel," an exhibition at Igloo Gallery featuring the inaugural residents of the Signal Fire Outpost residency featuring new photography, drawing, and mixed-media sculpture, alongside collaborative video and sound works.

The show will feature works by Portland-based artists Katy Asher (and collaborators), Tom Colligan, Bruce Conkle, Ryan Jeffery, Marne Lucas, Jenn Rawling, Vanessa Renwick and Ethan Rose, and will be accompanied by a self-published essay by husband/wife team Ryan Pierce and Amy Harwood about establishing Mt. Hood's first artist residency.

Reception: Thursday, October 1, 6-10pm
Open First Saturdays 1-5, and by appointment.

Closes Saturday October 24.

Contact: Amy Harwood 503.484.4850 or Ryan Pierce 415.690.0949

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CHRIS LAEL LARSON | opens September 3

Chris Lael Larson is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician and graphic designer who lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

In “Photos and Photo Animations", a series of 48 photographs are disclosed from the artist’s online photographic diary, called, The exhibition also includes the artist’s more well-known photo animations, which presently coalesce hand-sequenced digital stills, stop-motion, hand-drawn animation, motion graphics and sound collage with flowing layers of color, shape and texture, together, into surreal meditations on physical and emotional landscapes.

Larson is the founder of music/visual performance group Deelay Ceelay, has performed in over 30 cities nationwide, and has shown his work extensively in galleries, museums, and film festivals.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Scion Art Tour | INSTALLATION 5

In August, Igloo will team up with neighboring galleries, Scion, and Colt 45 to bring a national art tour to Portland. Come by First Thursday for drinks, dj's, and a big group of talented artists.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GIMME BABY ROBOTS Silent Art Auction | 7-30-09

GIMME BABY ROBOTS is a one-night event featuring an affordable silent auction of small works (9x9) by many artists nationwide. Coming to IGLOO this Thursday, one stop of many including Chicago, LA, and Seattle.

Works start at prices as low as one dollar! A great opportunity to purchase an amazing piece of artwork from great artists for a low price. Not to mention it is a nice place to have fun with dollar microbeers and awesome people.

Thursday, July 30th, from 7-10pm.
IGLOO 325 NW 6th Ave #102 PDX

Bidding starts @ 7:00 pm and concludes before 10:00pm, and if all goes well you will be leaving with your very own baby robot.

Gimme Baby Robots is a large artist collaborative founded in 2005 in Madison, WI. It is comprised of over 100 artists throughout the United States.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Larry Mills and Joe Shea | MERGE

Mills & Shea have combined forces to curate exhibits in Santa Barbara, San Francisco & Los Angeles. They have collaborated over the years creating mixed media artworks combining photography, collage, painting, & found objects. Mills has been photographing live music performances in clubs and venues for 15 years, whereas Shea has been a rock poster artist for the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco for the past 13 years. Both artists have produced editorial work for numerous publications, exhibit their art work internationally, and are original members of the "Haley Collective" an arts collective formed in Southern California in the late 90's.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


This exhibition humbly asks contemporary artists to utilize the medium of digital prints, in any way they see fit. This economical and ubiquitous medium provides a rich context for a dialogue about contemporary art and how it manifests as we enter a generative and creative phase of art restructuring as a reaction to the current global situation.

The artists are all current candidates in the PSU MFA program.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cut It Out! opening

Works (L to R): Ryan Burghard, Gordon Barnes, Craig Wheat, Jhordan Dahl, and people at the artists' opening.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

CUT IT OUT | Opens Thurdsay, May 7

Jhordan Dahl
Gordon Barnes
Ryan Burghard
Dan Ness
Craig Wheat

The artists in Cut It Out approach the concept of collage through their individual interpretation of the medium’s specificity, whether reinforcing or challenging the notion of combination.

Jhordan Dahl
investigates the relationship between real experience
and fabrication, creating an interior space in which her personal life experience is recreated as a grand homage, similar to a young girl decorating her bedroom with pop icons from teen magazines. Gordon Barnes combines a myriad of materials and content to examine the human condition filtered through his interior universe of dark humor, philosophy, politics, television, and contemporary culture. The fantastic relationships found in depictions of house cats, music culture, cuteness, and the acceptance of death come together with precious humor in Craig Wheat’s work. Ryan Burghard’s magazine collages reference iconic pop culture, critical theory, and personal identity in order to address issues of duality, symbolism, humor, and self-discovery. Dan Ness’s mixed media works draw from relics and artifacts of mechanization, combining disparate elements such as linoleum and Mt. Vesuvius in what he terms “adstraction.”

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Make A Woman opens April 2

The depiction of the female throughout art history has been instrumental in the way our culture views and perceives the female form. This show asks 4 artists to interpret the female in a way they see fit. The show takes inspiration less from classical nudes and more from artists like Cindy Sherman, you tube personalities, and the cult classic Weird Science.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Curated by Natasha Wheat, this project involves artists from the Port City Developmental Center where Wheat is developing an arts and urban farm project. The exhibition consists of four artists, all sales going to the non-profit.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seeing, distilled.

Chelsea Heffner and Sydney S. Kim will be displaying works on paper and collaborating on installation works.

Chelsea Heffner creates visual systems to process and order the inconsistencies of daily life. Framed through the lens of everyday experience, works address ideas of psychological security while testing the utility of various art forms. Working with painting, screen-printing, and textile design, her work proposes visual relief from feelings of anxiety and confusion.

Sydney S. Kim’s works on paper are an ephemeral experience, her subtle drawings bordering on the imperceptible. The works present an austere emptiness yet suggest potential for unclouded perception and clarity within a subjective experience. When reading a set of messages, flexibility of chronology and lack of order complicates the intended communication.

Both artists are currently MFA candidates at PNCA.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Everyday Magic continues through January, featuring beer tasting, a dance party, meditation with illicit drugs, Michael Jordan, and Makerlab!

Participant/Artists: Cyrus W. Smith, Jen Delos Reyes, Eric Steen, Nathan Langler, Paige Saez, Damien Gilley.

Showing concurrently is Gary Wiseman's installation/performance Where Am i listed below.