Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seeing, distilled.

Chelsea Heffner and Sydney S. Kim will be displaying works on paper and collaborating on installation works.

Chelsea Heffner creates visual systems to process and order the inconsistencies of daily life. Framed through the lens of everyday experience, works address ideas of psychological security while testing the utility of various art forms. Working with painting, screen-printing, and textile design, her work proposes visual relief from feelings of anxiety and confusion.

Sydney S. Kim’s works on paper are an ephemeral experience, her subtle drawings bordering on the imperceptible. The works present an austere emptiness yet suggest potential for unclouded perception and clarity within a subjective experience. When reading a set of messages, flexibility of chronology and lack of order complicates the intended communication.

Both artists are currently MFA candidates at PNCA.

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