Thursday, April 23, 2009

CUT IT OUT | Opens Thurdsay, May 7

Jhordan Dahl
Gordon Barnes
Ryan Burghard
Dan Ness
Craig Wheat

The artists in Cut It Out approach the concept of collage through their individual interpretation of the medium’s specificity, whether reinforcing or challenging the notion of combination.

Jhordan Dahl
investigates the relationship between real experience
and fabrication, creating an interior space in which her personal life experience is recreated as a grand homage, similar to a young girl decorating her bedroom with pop icons from teen magazines. Gordon Barnes combines a myriad of materials and content to examine the human condition filtered through his interior universe of dark humor, philosophy, politics, television, and contemporary culture. The fantastic relationships found in depictions of house cats, music culture, cuteness, and the acceptance of death come together with precious humor in Craig Wheat’s work. Ryan Burghard’s magazine collages reference iconic pop culture, critical theory, and personal identity in order to address issues of duality, symbolism, humor, and self-discovery. Dan Ness’s mixed media works draw from relics and artifacts of mechanization, combining disparate elements such as linoleum and Mt. Vesuvius in what he terms “adstraction.”

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