Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CHRIS LAEL LARSON | opens September 3

Chris Lael Larson is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician and graphic designer who lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

In “Photos and Photo Animations", a series of 48 photographs are disclosed from the artist’s online photographic diary, called, www.natural-lightning.com. The exhibition also includes the artist’s more well-known photo animations, which presently coalesce hand-sequenced digital stills, stop-motion, hand-drawn animation, motion graphics and sound collage with flowing layers of color, shape and texture, together, into surreal meditations on physical and emotional landscapes.

Larson is the founder of music/visual performance group Deelay Ceelay, has performed in over 30 cities nationwide, and has shown his work extensively in galleries, museums, and film festivals.

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